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Spraying my own lawns

I would like to start spraying my own lawns that I mow not anymore. I have around 50 from 1/3 acre to 3 acres. I have been thinking about the idea for a while about buying a skid. I have a permagreen and spray broadleaf mostly and granular fert/ crabgrass app. I hear people talking about fert/pre em,lime, braodleaf control and iron all in one app and once you start spraying iron you will never go back. From reading it looks like roughly 100 gal = 100,00 sq ft. Got to start somewhere. This is opening up a whole new can for me so I also have to learn what to spray. Located in Zone 7. N.C. Get most of my granular from JD landscapes in Winston Salem. You experts be easy on me.
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