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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
"What is really happening here is that the new president wants a way to bounce you out and put in his guy."

Hit it on the Head! They are putting it in writing so it appears that things haven't been up to par. So legally, they can dump you. The bad thing is, they will get away with it and nothing you do or say will change it from happening if that's their goal.
Thats right. We picked up an HOA this year that had been using the same company for a good 3 to 4 years. I came in and met with the board member in charge of the landscaping submitted my bid according to their specs and we got the contract for 2 years. Specs were simple weekly mowing, bi weekly weeding, trim shrubs 2xs, 5 fert apps and spring and fall cleanups.

We start doing the work and middle of the year board member steps down and the president takes over the management role of the contract. First thing he does is tirn our contract from seasonal to per occurrence.

Throught the rest of the year we never received any complaints about our work. I then get a call from the president asking to cut this extra area and i tell them we will once we get a payment because they were 90 days past. This is when everything blew up.

I get an email stating they would welcome with open arms a letter of intent to terminate contract because we have not been performing to their standards and have received numerous complaints from residence and our communication is terrible. We replied to him asking him to statr the complaints and provide us with dates they filed them with us. His response (mind you 10 days later) was riddled with statements about work not being performed that isnt even listed in THEIR specs and statements saying that they complained about the grass not getting bagged until they complained (which they never did.) the biggest lie they complained about was when some plants were stolen from a sign they wrote " of your cre members or yourself could have at least informed us of the plant theft." my reply to him was that at the time of the theft the original contact was incharge and I informed him by phone and email of the incident. Our response to the email was that they were basically lying to us and that we no longer wanted to service them and that they should work on theor communication skills amongst themselves as and HOA so that everyone is on the same page. I later found out that the president had the first company servicing his property for years and wanted them in there again.

Thats basically how the HOAs work. Everyone wants them because usually they are decent money but they are a pain in the ass.

As far as communication with commercial clients its a tough line. Some clients really want communication and others dont really care about it. What we like to do is perform monthly progress reports and just walk the site make notes about the aite etc and we send that to them. On that we put notes etc. We especially do this for our customers that are far away from the sites (shopping center) Some they also tell us during initial meeting they would like to meet onve a month/year etc. Thats really all you can do.
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