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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
Some guys schedule hedge trimming and other work on Friday or Sat so they have a makeup day....or have Monday's as makeup days ..
We mow unless there is a torrential downpour
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I'm not going to put a mower in a rain soaked yard just to keep a schedule I made a disclaimer in my service agreements about that, most understand but a few still don't get it and want it cut as soon as it dries out but by then I have another route to tend to I keep a fairly tight schedule but when it rains for two days in a row or more it's total chaos. I have managed to keep all the equipt running with very little downtime due to a rigorous maint schedule every weekend. the only maint issue I had last year was a starter and soilnoid go out but the dealer had it back up in a half a day under warranty so it wasn't to awful bad.I get the makeup day thing but I can't make up two or three days?
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