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Going to quit day job, just don't know when.

I'll start out with some background. I'm a High School Shop teacher with 4 years under my belt. I'm married and have one child. My wife is a stay at home mother but has a Bachelors degree and I have my Masters. I've always wanted to own my own business and have looked at teaching as the fundraiser for this. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and I do my best every day but I like my business life more. Diversifying is always a good thing for business owners and this is where I'm a little different. I do lawn maintenance and light install work along with snow in the winter. Averaged out I'm only at $700/mo net. I also own rental properties and currently bring in close to $2k/mo net. Combined I'm about dead even with my income from teaching minus the benefits. So right now I feel I'm doing real good for central IL where cost of living is low. I'm starting to plan out my departure form teaching and would like to hear some input and advise. Things I should consider ext. At this point I'm thinking it could happen within 2yrs but I don't want to wait more than 5. In that time I plan to purchase additional rentals and grow the lawn business a little but I'm about out of free time to do so.
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