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Tiger Cat or Turf Tiger?

I'll be in the market early next year for a new Scag. I'm currently running an 05 Wildcat 52". There's nothing really wrong with it, I got it used when I started up. It gives me a few fits here and there, but it runs fairly well and cuts great. My biggest gripe is that I bought a 52" and not a 61" So whatever I get next will be a 61". Most of my accounts will benefit from a larger deck. I have a 36"WB I use for my smaller lots, but most accounts are 1.5 acres or larger.

I was toying with buying another used mower, but I'm currently leaning towards a new one. But whether new or use, would you guys go with a Tiger Cat or a Turf Tiger?

The Turf Tiger is certainly mow mower, but it's also more $. The TigerCat and the Wildcat seem to be almost the exact same machine. The TigerCat will fit on my trailer better and it weighs less. It also seems to be a simpler design, which to me, makes it better. "Keep it simple stupid" But the Turf Tiger has larger hyrdo pumps, an aux cooler, shaft driven deck...etc etc. I honestly think the Tiger Cat would suit me very well, but I wanted opinions from you guys, especially if you've used both machines.
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