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Originally Posted by longtine:) View Post
Thanks guys for the posts. I am currently now working with Turfcos service manager and the machine is on its way to the mechanic. I am hoping to post postive results in a few days.
Thanks for working with Jim at Turfco he will make it right. The way it is supposed to be out of the box. Please understand that us in manufacturing are just as upset when an engine, transmission, tire or cable does not work up to spec or expectations. We buy many components of our equipment and expect them to work as promised. When they do not perform up to our specifications we want to know about it as it may be a vendor problem that needs to be addressed with them. If customers are just quiet complainers and never tell us we keep buying the same engine, transmission, tire or cable thinking it is ok and working well. So PLEASE when something goes wrong or fails we want to know about it. No matter how much we test something there is always room for more knowlege and improvement. You guys have our phone numbers so call and keep us imformed.
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