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Another way to evaluate a plant that was rated a 1 or 2 is to measure it, then measure the same variety somewhere else where Imprelis was never applied anywhere within 300 yards to be safe (if that's far enough?). Then in 12 months measure both again to see the growth difference between the two. That can reveal to you more than what your eye sees when you look at the Imprelis damaged one and think it hasn't changed. No visible change in a damaged tree also could mean no proper growth, therefore the damaged effects are still present. It should have grown normally. Also, what's happening at the root level? Are it's roots as healthy as the same type tree which was not damaged by Imprelis? I've seen trees rated 2 that tried putting out new growth but instead produced tumor like growths at it's terminals. Even some arborists have confused those with seed pods.

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