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Cell phones

I have been through three employees recently and one of my biggest complaints about them is cell phone use. They seem to think its ok to use them whenever they please and I am sick of it. The current guy is in love with his phone and can't put it down constantly text messaging or talking. I actually caught him in the middle of a yard the other day mower cut off, legs crossed, talking on the phone. I was pissed. It looks horrible. I have asked him to leave it in truck and find him going to truck constantly to check it. I have never seen anyone so needy for a phone. I also have a guy who carries a phone who if called only talks for a max of 30 seconds which I don't mind. Anyway I am probably firing the first guy mentioned and finding someone new in the spring. I am looking for solutions for the spring. Considering a tablet for the truck for scheduling and communication next year, also considering a cheap phone for the truck. I am leaning toward a NO cell phones policy and you must leave it in your truck. What are your policies and what are your solutions?
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