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Originally Posted by addictedtolandscaping View Post
O actually lean towards the idea that this region I am in just doesn't respond to direct mail. I have a close friend who thinks the demographics are aimed way to high. I don;t know what to believe anymore.

I also have requested the list time and again for the same reason. Pretty good, shell out that kind of cash, I have only ever seen 1 of the postcards as one of my clients showed me the first one he ever got, interesting enough, he has never gotten one since. You know the old adage, smells like ---- usually is. 2 years, 7k and only 1 call. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I know that the MN foliage is going to be available at Brite Ideas next year, and the "freestyle" linkable now, sounds like things are not getting any better, but other options are coming to light. Between the product issues, the lack of follow through with some of the new staff - order arrived the other day, still no invoice or shipping info - shipping charges, I have no reason to stay.

This is going to be the decision year I believe. I still have some lawn signs left from last year, they will be going out, and I have a meeting with one of my clients marketing rep tomorrow. Will see where that goes. She doesn't understand what the issue is either, she looked at pictures of projects I have completed and is scratching her head. I think it is the damn light links on the post cards all the time. It may not be the entire issue, but they don't sell here, and well, I guess I could go on and on, but it won't do anything but aggravate me further, so I am gonna shut up now.
What you said about your target demographics being too high might be the root of the issue. I think for the LL products, the target customer is the top 1% incomes, but for C9 jobs with a wreath or garland, there is a big target in the upper middle class bracket, at least in my area. The money is still good (avg. 1300 per sale) and they appreciate the full service model.
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