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this is very true of older customers. Sometimes they can be hard to deal with. I was asked last month to put down fertilizer for a customer, and took care of it in a timely manner. This couple has also had their lawn sprayed professionally in the spring to treat for weeds. Well, last time I went to mow, he asked me where I bought the fertilizer because there were weeds in his lawn and he felt like the weed seeds were mixed in with the fertilizer. Well, you can imagine how the rest of the conversation went, but i had to reassure him that it wasnt the fertilizer that brought the weeds in.

No amount of talking will change their mind. They are set in their ways. Additinally, its true that they dont get out much, and we are their entertainment, or people to talk too. I have to plan when I mow this partilcular yard, because its guaranteeed that I will be talking to this cpl after mowing for at least 15-20 minutes. Thats time I could be spent mowing. These are just a few examples of unforseen problems that can come up..LOL. But, its all part of the customer service. They arent just paying me to cut their lawn (in the case of this couple). They look forward to me showing up, so they can tell me im mowing too fast, or missing spots, or not cutting it short enough.

He blames me because I havent been there in a week, and the grass is taller around the concrete then the rest of his yard that is burnt up in the middle of summer, even though I have suggested that he let me leave the lawn a bit taller in the heat of summer...LOL..its never ending.
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