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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
Where does him asking about an opinion of a mower constitute "old timers" calling him a moron. Personally I've never seen that on this forum anywhere. We all give our opinions, some louder than others. But everything is just that, an opinion. overall your "warning" this new user that people on here are not helpful and just provide snotty answers, which sure isn't the case
No I agree that is not the case for a lot of members on here. However, being new to the business I have searched through a ton of threads where new users are asking good questions about starting up etc. only to have a lot of responses that are rude and inconsiderate. As a whole the community is great and helps out but I am just saying at first it can be somewhat disheartening when you get replies that seem to put your business down. It was a warning so that a newb realizes that you have to let some comments roll off.
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