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Originally Posted by davidcalhoun View Post
You will need a mower that is in the "estate" or "light commercial" range to get a new ZTR in the 4 to 5 K price.

Check out the Husqvarna MZ 5225 or the Dixon Ultra 52. They are the same mower.

Others. The Bob Cat Fast Cat RZ series, Ariens Zoom series, Also check out Gravely GT series (Ariens sister mower).

Have you checked out the mowers for sale on this site? You can also check craigslist and ebay for used (and truly commercial) ZTRs.
The Ariens at Home Depoit look decient.

A lot of fellers use the Toro Tomecutters commerically so they must be decient, I think they have independant hydros so you have a maintance free system.

A lot of my friends have bopught cub cadet tractors and are happy with them, they have heaver decks than craftsman and are around the same price.

The problwm now is the "box" stores wont have a good secection until spring.
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