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Originally Posted by dab212s View Post
I'm fixin to do a job that has a retaining wall that surrounds a large outdoor patio area. They want lights in the retaining wall pointing down to light the edges of the patio. Anyone know of a decent looking steplight type fixture that works well in retaining walls? I definitely want one that can handle a 20watt bulb. I'm thinking of using Hadco steplyte rsbl2:

Anyone had any experience with this particular fixture or have any other recommendations?

Hi Derek,

We (CAST Lighting) are a sponsor in the forum, so I'm obviously biased, but take a look at our durable solid bronze Engineered Wall Light (both incandescant and LED versions).

We also have a unique mounting system (CAST Set-n-Stone System) for these that allows you to insert brackets and conduit in the wall during construction then install the lights afterward. Regardless of the system you use, you might want to read the installation manual that goes through various ways to wire retaining wall lights.
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