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alldayrj: That is a 1996 International 4700 with a DT466E motor. 6 speed. 25,999GVW. Dump bed is steel. It has a few dents in the bed but had held up well. Its a great truck. I can honestly say it has never been in the shop. We replaced the clutch this year for the first time, and we have broken a few axles over the years, climbing out of gravel pits in low gear. Other than that nothing. We also re painted it a few years ago.

T_S_S: The E50 is great. I really like it. We do a lot of lifting with out mini's. We set a lot of granite steps and stoops. The E50 is a beast lifting. It will lift more over the blade than our T300. It also had great digging power in my opinion, and is a very smooth machine. I have had a few problems with it, mostly with bad steel and all the issues have been fixed/replaced by my dealership for free. Even after the warranty was up. Also the cab is not the greatest, a few changes could make it really nice. But performance wise I don't think you can beat it for a 10,600lb machine.

Here are some more pictures of our trucks for the people who were interested.

On the two newer International 4300's we have swing gates. They are great for dumping stumps, brush, and for loading pallets of materials in the bed.


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