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Originally Posted by addictedtolandscaping View Post
THats the odd part, we are shooting $250k and up, with several in one area over $1000000
I think 250k is a little low, I aim for 400k to 2mil only c-7, min, and greenery, I keep the LL in my back pocket. But have never sold any even on the few I have offered it on.

I have great luck with signs and postcards delivered to the door or mailed by myself to neighborhoods that lights are hot in.

I had really good luck with home improvement add-magazines 2 years ago, lot of calls and a lot of new jobs.

We are at 70 rehangs right now, hope to add around 10 new customers this year and I think we are full, any more and I need to split the crew and I am not ready for that yet.
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