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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
Lawnguy, thank you for that information. As I said before, we have a lot of trees that are rated 3, so if the CRA includes replacement of those, it will increase the DuPont offer significantly. It still remains to be seen whether or not we will agree to accept all the terms and conditions in the CRA, but it will give us a lot to consider.
It's also possible Dupont has heard claimants loud and clear, it's my understanding that they DID (in at least one instance) accept a rebuttal offer some time within the past week or two and WILL pay removal directly to a homeowner. This sounds like the break many might be looking for. Hopefully Dupont is beginning to get the idea this is really important to claimants and if they want to start to clear the backlog of claims, this may go a long way to close out some settlements. This, along with the hope that they will offer replacement on my largest trees rated three and above would make me take a serious look at any CRA... otherwise I will be guaranteed of having to go through the courts which I am certainly not looking forward to.
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