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Originally Posted by TruSomethingOrOther View Post
Lol this thread is too funny. I had a customer whose yard was unreal. Said the kids were suppose to pick up the poo before we got there. Rarely it happened. Had to use 21" baggers in the back yard. Yes, there was a poo charge. If I recall correctly they had a golden retriever. Not the smallest piles.

And now my own yard is the worst one of them all. Have two dogs / horses. Big one is half lab half mastiff (130 pounds) and the smaller one is half lab half rot (100 pounds). As my father so eloquently put it, "He don't poop, he shits!"
I agree if its your own lawn do what you want. I had a customer for 3 years. The first 2 they took the dogs to the back property to poop. This year they let them poop it the patio area. I picked it up and threw in in the a back yard. I showed up and found a sign in the back lawn that said no dumping dog poop. I left a note that I would just scoop and dump in their garbage can and let me know before I continue service. I have not done service since. I guess I lost the account.
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