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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I agree... it is a totally irrational idea to put down N when the grass will not be able to use it AND the stuff really isn't available in cold soils anyways... also true of Spring apps, when the soil isn't yet warm enough for turf to break dormancy...

However, our U. Ext. agencies of Wisco continue to say that a "Winterizer" application is good around Thanksgiving time... I realize that they carry god-like wisdom and understand things in the universities that we can't begin to comprehend, but until they can explain "Why" and "How" they are just talking stupid, IMHO...
You obviously do not belong to the Wisconsin Turf Association. The latest research from the UW Turf Department has totally debunked the idea of late season fertilization in cool season lawns such as Wisconsin has. They recommend being done with fertilizer no later than Oct. 10m preferably Oct. 1. I have seen the research and talked to the professor who did it. Ant fertilizer applied to late in the season is mostly wasted. The grass cannot uptake that much nitrogen in that short of time.
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