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Originally Posted by champyards View Post
We have been very happy with the performance of this backpack blower. Stop by and check out our review of it here...
If you're happy with the performance, then you should say so in your "review". You covered how it starts and idles but then stopped writing anything else about your experiences with the performance. How did it move dry leaves, wet leaves or even a brick? Does it peal the turf right off of the ground? How about grass stuck to a sidewalk? Does it start as easily in the cold weather as the warm? Does the air stream come out in a straight line or does it fan out? Do you have any other blowers to compare it to? What are you using for fuel and oil and at what ratio?

What you've written there is a nice "first look" review but little else. You also need to darken the font up. It's readable the way it is but would be easier read with a darker font.

The reason the tubes are so hard to get apart is so it doesn't fall apart when you're using the blower.

I give your review a C-.

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