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jungle gold

The Jungle Gold guys are pathetic, they can't even run their own excavator. What do the two guys do all day? And who the hell doesn't know to keep enough gas on hand to run their pumps when doing a wet dig. Just like how Fred fired the guy on Gold Rush this week, a miner who can't run equipment is useless. I just wonder what the native Ghana guys think about these stupid white boys that can't do a thing on there own.

I feel Gold Rush is a big commercial sometimes LOL. Like the Ford 1 ton pulling the semi truck back to Indian Creek that was totally ******* staged they did the same bit on Ice Road Truckers. Yeah I've pulled a stuck tandem dump truck out with my one-ton a few times too but I didn't make Dodge commercials or even think it was that great. I mean have you seen the Guinness Book of Records a guy pulls a 188 ton aircraft with a body harness lets bring him on Gold Rush to free all the stuck equipment that would be entertaining!
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