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Originally Posted by Slimreynolds View Post
That was my understanding too...As long as you don't permanently change the property in any way (planting shrubs, walkways, etc.) and charge more than $200 for a job at one time.

Pruning, cutting grass, mulching, hedge trimming are all ok to do without a license because it is classified as general maintenance. As long as any one job doesn't go over the $200 limit.

Am I right?
If it's maintenance it's exempt regarless of the price. Mowing, mulching, pruning, trimming is not covered. If you're planting, altering, installing over $200 for an contract or over $1,000 total per year then you need the license. There are very specific requirements for contracts, including a 72 hour cancellation clause and specific language in your contract. You even need to provide a cancellation form.
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