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I'm not going to bash the shows themselves, because they are on tv! They are making money from being tv and that is the purpose of the business. get viewers intrigued so ratings are up and they are able to sell 40 min of commercials in an hour long show! each cast member gets close to 28,000 per episode, these are very wealthy cast members. when this year on gold rush the Hoffmanns come out with two bulldozers, two brand new built from scratch wash plants, loaders and excavators and all of the pumps and everything they need, it shows obviously they have ridiculous investors who are being paid by producers from the millions they are making from the tv show! Every ''reality" show on tv is somewhat staged! You can't admit that it's great tv! I love ax men the most. Seems to be pretty legit and always a friendly competition. I especially love rygard. But cotsie cracks me up yelling at everyone and fighting with good ole joe!

Tv is tv ! Keeps us entertained! Jungle gold is just a new adventure to get Americans excited about the risk two fratty white boys can take.

Cheers to some good tv!
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