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If you don't see it in the act it's exempt. I have personally confirmed this with staff at Consumer Protection, which all of this falls under. I believe it's also in the home improvement contractor guide or whatever they call it. I get errors trying to read it, maybe it's just me.

Trust me, maintenace is exempt and was not the intent of the act. The intent was to put the brakes on these guys who would do a free inspection of an old widow's house and give them an arm long list of improvements they needed to make, sell it on the spot and get a deposit and never provide anything. In some cases the materials would arrive as well, requiring another payment installment, but never get installed. The act sets up a fund with the money from the license fees to reimburse people who get ripped off.

Unfortunately their are no requirements that you actually prove any proficiency in performing any home improvements. You could have never picked up a hammer or a shovel in your life and get the license.

I used to closely follow all of the state legistlative acts and ammendments and what not. I used to be in the enviornmental consulting and engineering field and one of my tasks was performing compliance audits, so I had to keep up on upcoming and current regulations. We would go into a commercial or industrial facility and determine any and all regulations they were subject to and recommend a plan for coming into full compliance. I guarantee I could find violations for practically anyone on this forum, including myself, lol.

This should be the best link, should have provided it earlier.
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