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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
You will not likely see any traffic that's not direct type-in or accidental. There is no basic SEO or content, you mention your service location once, and you don't seem to have local pages via google, yahoo, bing, etc to point to your domain. Really, what you have is a business card or very basic brochure that happens to be on a web server.

Like any landscaping project, to properly build or upgrade it, it's all a matter of budget and what you want to accomplish. If you go with a pre-built theme or have a site built, you're looking at $15 to $3000*.

Take a look through the archives here, especially those who ask for site reviews, and you'll see the advice some of us would give you. There is a lot of info to be had here.

*Really, you can fit any number in here depending on needs/budget/skill/long-term work/support from the developer.
Thanks! I basically wanted to get it up and was going to look on craigslist for a developer before next spring. I appreciate the feedback.
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