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Originally Posted by turner_landscaping View Post
Well i thought id bring this subject back up. I had customer who started losing there large koi very quickly come to find out the had installed one. Unfortunalty they didnt set it right and it was set at the highest setting. The water tested off the charts for copper. The reason the homeowner set it high was to ensure of no algae growth however they were never told of the problems with copper and fish. This is one of the many reasons why i dont install or them recommend on features with life. Who has the responsible us as contractors who install them and recommend them or the homeowners when fish start to die? I just assume to not have the situation occur.
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This is one subject that I feel should remain constantly active on this Forum.
How many occurrences similar to this go unreported, or the pond owner either assumes or is told that the fish have succumbed to a disease or pathgenic infection. In cases like this, I believe that the contractor is liable and is a prime target for litigation. The pond owner relies on the contractor/installer to be the 'Expert' in pond and fish husbandry and to make the correct recommendations regarding equipment and maintenance BMPs.
Until the manufacturers look beyond the 'bottom line' and begin practicing 'truth in advertising', these types of product issues will be ongoing.

One manufacturer of ionizers has changed their ad text from 'safe for fish' to "Can be used with fish and plants" (I suspect that this change in wording may have been advised by this company's legal department), other manufacturers have not and still claim that they are safe for fish. Even with this change in wording, the implication is still there that the use of an ionizer is safe for fish. which scientific fact and anecdotal observations have proven false and misleading.

This industry is becoming saturated with "Snake Oil" products and devices. It is, sadly and frustratingly, something that requires us as RESPONSIBLE contractors to be ever vigilant....... one of the perils of being an unregulated industry.
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