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Well i ended up buying it yesterday. I bought the truck new in 01 keep it till 06 when i put about 5500 in repairs. Some of the repair were due to me being young, but the truck also worked since day one. Like someone stated b4 any deisel is going to be hard in front ends. Atleast i know the things this one has not only been repaired but upgraded.The trans is done up for pulling, it has a billet converter, oversize trans cooler. Yes it has a chip and exhaust ,but it also has 400 worth of gauges to moniter everything. I know for a fact that the truck has never been run hot, trans temp never been over 210, egt never been over 1100. As far as wear i am less concerned with the chip than i am with the fact i had a lift and big tires on it for about 60k whiles towing 3 ztrs on a 3k trailer everyday. When i sold it to my dad he took all the lift and tires off and lowered it back down. Since then has put 30k more problem free miles on it. I trust this one more than anything i am going to buy off line. My other fear with buying off line is we have just had alot of flooding in new york and jersey. There are also probally alot of probmatic cars and trucks from Louisanna running around as well.
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