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Hustler Super Z vs Ferris IS3100Z

We've picked up several LARGE acreage accounts this fall for next year and im looking to pick up 2 72" mowers to go along with the 455D we have. Im not looking for opinions on any other mower brands, as these are the only dealers within a reasonable distance that i am willing to work with.

Ive Demoed both of these units, and honestly like both of them. There are things i like about each, and some things i dont like.

The Super Z has changed to the super z 'hd' for 2013 and we are looking at this model, and will be using the flex forks.

What i am looking for in this thread is someone who has run either of these for a year or so and see how they've held up so far. How many trips to the dealer have you had to make to 'work the kinks out'. How much work have you done on your own?

Main Concerns...

Huster Super Z:
Flex forks wearing out every 200 hours or so.
Kawasaki engine reliability.

Ferris IS 3100z:
Quality of cut in wet or tall. Some of our acreage accounts are EOW.

I dont want to post my thoughts as to not scew the thread.
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