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Originally Posted by thomas.creation View Post
I'm keepin up with what your puttin down. I just want to follow my dreams. That's all I can really say.

I understand that this business is not easy. I've been in it since I was a kid. Lawn care has been supplemental to my teaching income and when I leave to go on my own I feel it will be a supplement to the rentals. Neither the rentals nor the lawn care are stabile incomes but together they can offer some peace of mind. Going with a helper is a good idea and I have often thought about it but Iím unsure of the legal side of this. I have liability insurance on my business already. For those of you with employees, how would you suggest I go about getting someone on my payroll? Is it worth it with say a 10hr/week guy?
How many accounts do you have? Also your $10 PH guy is closer to $14, Someone on here made a good point in another thread. To hire a full time employee they have to gross 50k for me to make money. It made a lot of sense to me.
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