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I'm new to the site. I worked for 10+/- years for 2 large and successful landscape companies and became a crew leader and job foreman prior to getting out of the business for a more stable job w/ benefits after college. I have lost most of my overtime in my full time job and have a taken interest again in the landscape/lawn business.

Instead of buying "toys" I have reacquired a good deal of equipment for my own house always buying what I used to be familiar w/ and making sure it was commercial grade. My only downfall in equipment is my mower, which is a 2010 JD x300 42", it is not a box store model but not a full out commercial grade either. I did take out the safety feature that cuts the mower out whenever you get off the seat and shuts the blades down whenever you go in reverse, which helps w/ productivity. Good engine, weak tranny, and not a ZTR, although I can bang out a 3pt turn pretty quick as I remember doing on a Walker.

All of my side work has been seasonal clean-ups, planting, mulching, shrub pruning. I really want to tap into the weekly mowing to establish some form of "steady" income, if such a thing exists.

I'm going to hold off on upgrading the mower until if and when I can get a handful of decent accounts. I live and work in coastal York County, which is probably the prime area for this state, yet like most places on every street there is a 3500 series diesel truck w/ Walkers on a landscape trailer. Walkers seem to be the standard up here w/ an occasional Exmark, as was the case 10 years ago. I enjoy this site seeing all the diff mowers from diff regions.

I'm no fool I don't plan on being the next big thing in 2 years nor do I even have the desire to go strictly full time, but 15+/- accounts (property size dependant) that provide a nice supplemental income and something to fall back on would be nice.
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