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Puppy paws,
The new Kawasaki FX1000DFI has a CPU module the uses about 4 amps. The charging capability today of this engine is not enough to run our Clutch, the CPU, and our fan on the radiator for the Hyperdrive and have enough power to keep the battery charged. Start putting accessories on the unit (lights) and you'll have even more issues. There is a stronger charging system (30amp) coming this spring and at that time we will look at this engine again. I've seen charging issues on our normally aspirated engines and respect our engineers for not traveling down that road again. Personally a big fan of the EFI/DFI engines. Great fuel economy, quick response time, cold weather starting. Not ready for our complete fleet to go injected, but I'm sure we'll have something once Kawasaki increases the amps on their FX1000DFI.

Brian O
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