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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Go for it. But don't lowball our other guys in your area. And read a book or two on running a small business. Horticulture is important--but--the business aspects are important, too. Why not buy your boss's company if he wants to sell? Naturally he will have to self-finance for almost any company he sells to. Pay him about 14 percent (of his asking price) per month for 7 months.
The problem with the company I work for now, my boss is infatuated with high volume. he's the "lowballer". He does about 95% commercial for a very cheap rate. Plus his company is worth about 1.5mil. A little steep for me. I've spent the last month preparing after work, now that things are slower I have really been spending my time studying marketing, meeting with accountants, hawking for equipment, studying target audiences.

How many accounts did you guys get in year 1? This is the area where i have my biggest fear. I feel once I get the ball rolling, my skills will increase because I work extremely hard at everything i do and will improve.
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