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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post
You obviously do not belong to the Wisconsin Turf Association. The latest research from the UW Turf Department has totally debunked the idea of late season fertilization in cool season lawns such as Wisconsin has. They recommend being done with fertilizer no later than Oct. 10m preferably Oct. 1. I have seen the research and talked to the professor who did it. Ant fertilizer applied to late in the season is mostly wasted. The grass cannot uptake that much nitrogen in that short of time.
Maybe you've misunderstood Dr. Soldat's work. The actual research conclusions were that more N is taken up in warmer temperatures, so most of the fall application should be done before the first frost. This doesn't mean that none should be done later -- just that most of it should be done earlier. His work actually showed that spoonfeeding turf at 0.1 to 0.2# N/M every week for 6 wks beginning at the first frost was more beneficial than applying most of your fall N in a soluble form before the first frost. Also, don't forget that some N is still needed after the first frost, since photosynthesis will still be occurring through much of the fall.

This really confirms what many of have been doing for years -- using most of our fall N in Sept or early Oct, then using less afterward.
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