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I don't know where you are.

In NY teachers get the same health plan that cops, fire, and gov. workers get. Empire. School districts are charged $13,000 a year to give a teacher family coverage. There is not limit on prescriptions.

In my state it was 5 years to be vested in the pension, newer hires is now ten years. Most districts will provide health coverage when you retire and have tens service.

So in my state it pays to work then 10 years and retire with a small pension and H insurance.

You cut off your hand or foot, god forbid, you wish you never had left your teaching job.

I worked as a shop teacher. Rather I was employed as a shop teacher I had fun working with the students and having all that equipment to use.

Hold on to that job till you can retire half pay. Then landscape full time.

See your young now and your body does not ache, cold has no effect, heat same.
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