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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
I showed up at an account today and part of the lawn had been blown, a wheel blower was off to the side of their parking area and a backpack blower was on the patio. Nobody was home. I call my customer at work (I try to avoid that) and told him I came to service the lawn and that I saw the blowers out and was wondering if he was planning to do it himself or did he wanted me to service it. He said he wanted me to, so I did. No reason for a hissy fit. I have a few customers that will do part of their cleanups, especially right around the house, with their little electric biggie. It's been 2 weeks since Hurricane Sandy and I'm now done with the lawns that were disasters and back to my normal cleanups which aren't all that normal either due to all the twigs...almost have to blow every square inch rather than picking up some areas with just the mower.
This is how I would of handled it. First assumed they were doing some on their own. Not jump to conclusions and fire the customer.

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