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Buy a "real" trimmer and blower...not a good place to skimp. I started my business on $10k but I already had a truck and hand tools. I bought a $5k mower, trailer, 30 inch hedge trimmer, backpack blower, trimmer (all pro quality) and a trailer with my start-up money. It also covered attorney and accountant and business start-up fees.

You can always add things as you need them rather than buying them all up front, but a lot of that stuff is the kind of stuff that most people already have around the house. I mean, who doesn't have a hammer? Do you have a quality pair of hand pruners on the list? What about your safety gear? Steel toe boots, gloves, glasses, hearing protection, hard hat, dust masks/respirator etc.

A lot of the hand tools you have listed can be picked up at yard sales and/or flea markets. I must have 100 hand tools I've accumulated over the years that were dirt cheap or free.
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