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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Definitely tough. Some say buy used pay cash, others would rather keep their cash on hand and finance a little. Everyone deems financing as an enemy. Not saying you should go one way or the other but those are the two schools of thought and neither on each side will back down or find a middle ground. There is no right answer as each side has had its successes and failures. Also when buying new no one said you have to buy the top of the line in a particular brand. I just would hate to have used equipment go down with zero warranty. Now you've spent your money and need to pull more money out to repair. But it could last you forever.
if you know you will have the money for the payment, buying the best is the way to go. I did and haven't looked back, I bought my first scag and financed it when i was 16 it had a nice warranty and all, but i never used, as a matter of fact, it never needed anything except regular maintenance. i just bought my 2nd scag in june after i traded my 1st one in payed for that one in full. what a nice feeling. it has some kind of warranty but seeing as how i went with the air cooled carb. motor i high doubt it will ever have an issue either.
fully lic. and ins. 10yrs exp.
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