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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
This is how I would of handled it. First assumed they were doing some on their own. Not jump to conclusions and fire the customer.

The way I understand it, this was a long running PITA. This was just the last straw. Been there, done that, found myself happier, moved on to greener pastures. People like that are for beginners. It teaches you what to look for in a customer. We should be picking and choosing our customers. Not the other way around. Over a period of time, if we learn from the past, we are able to pick and choose because we no longer have to accept the PITA to stay in business. Of course, I am very happy being solo with a part time helper.
Price fairly but price to stay in business.

You can't charge extra because it takes you twice as long to do the job because you have crappy or outmoded equipment.

And, if they don't pay, put a shovel upside their head.
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