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To the OP, you have said "follow your dreams." The most meat on that bone is "own my own business." That is admirable. But, it can take many forms.

Your proposal for doing lawn maintenance sounds like nothing unique. From what you have said, you propose doing nothing different than the many others doing the same thing.

You have an education, and you have teaching skills. You also have technical skills in the shop. There are three things that begin to set you apart from others. Pushing a lawn mower, trimming bushes, doing small installs -- nothing that many others cannot do. Why not take your unique set of skills and interests to leverage a business that utilizes these three things?

You have not said you dislike teaching or the technical aspect of shop work. Maybe you like lawn service work much more, we don't know.

As others have said well, your benefits far exceed anything you will be able to support on your own for a number of years after becoming successful. Leaving your education and shop skills on the shelf, just so you can own your own business may be a path to the swamps. Dreams are great. A good dose of reality is also great.
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