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that was my thinking as well. I have a pretty nice car (audi a4) that i think I can trade in towards a truck. I'd like something certified used i believe to get the most bang for my buck. I know a guy who knows a guy who owns a dealership. one of those situations. we'll see if the deal is there or not.

Im pretty good with money. I HATE financing, but i dont mind investing. I think that might be the key. I'm 27 with a degree and paid off all my school loans as of last year. So im kind of slow to go into payments + interest again. But I am very diligent with $$. Or I try to be.

Because my niche is lawn applications only, i can keep costs for equipment lower up front and just "muscle" through a year or two until I can upgrade to better equipment that will make things easier. i.e. zspray/ pg. It's just the start up costs and the cash flow that I'm looking at.

Thanks for the advice everyone
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