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Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
That's a lot of overhead he's got going, so don't be too hard on him, he seems like a nice guy. Winterize got us through the lean months when we had not a hell of a lot to do.
Yeah something that has to be done, fairly easy money. Talked to my boss about testing backflows to stay busy.

Originally Posted by Mike Leary View Post
When we started to get enough clients to efficiently make winterize a big part of the biz, RB 33DL quick-couple valves became a part of the install, and re-build clients got one, as well. With the same key on the compressor hose, as well as a remote pigtail,winterize became quick and profitable.
We had a site that had the monster RB quick couple, key "7K"?, Anyway you could push some air through that

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