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I really didn't read all the responses... but I started out passing out flyers and go door to door and that really helped... most people on here do their own thing but its all the same method in essence...

I sold out at around 50 clients give or take a few... I had 10-15 clients first year about 30 second year and 47-50 my final year... what most people don't like to do that I did was foreclosed properties... people whine and complain about those but they paid me big money and was way easier to deal with... no client harrassing you, paid each and everytime because it was a bank paying me. I had about 15 foreclosed properties anything from a apartment complex (small lol) to abandoned houses and I even had a few small companies go under that needed maintained. WHile people will say they're hard to deal with etc... they were easy and made me a lot of money...

to answer your question... no one will give you a answer that will work for you... I'm in sales for insurance... i've been a sales person for 2 fortune 500 companies and can tell you what someone tells you will not work for you... take a few notes from what people say then do your own thing... knock on doors, cold call tons of people, send quotes even when they didn't ask... I did all kinds of things when I was in business... I am just now starting up again and I have already found 3 commercials clients that I am most likely going to be signing if I choose to start back up next year... all depends on you... if you suck at sales and are better at doing the work then showing it... i wouldnt suggest go door to door then... if you have good interpersonal skills go door to door in neighborhoods you currently service and say hey hi how are you i service such and such and i'd like to give you a free mow for a trial period if you'd be interested in signing me for a long term week to week mowing schedule. I'm honest guy, you call me anytime you need something fixed, you don't call a 1-800 number...

Read a sales book or two but in all reality a CEO knows how to bullshit his way to the top, his employees do all the numbers.

sorry about my rant ha. just trying to be honest. what i do wont always work for you and what you do wont always work for me... you got 10-15 clients already... how did you get those? use that method seemed like it worked
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