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Originally Posted by Dan85 View Post
Cool photos - really liking the 4300s. Looks like a Kenworth T300? We have one too (and a T470) both with a hooklift system.

You have a favorite truck? Any plans for new trucks/updates?
Yes the Kenworth is a T300. I dont really have a favorite truck but if i had to pick one I'd say the Kenworth. Its so easy and nice to drive. Plus I'm the only one who has a CDL to drive it so I get to keep it nice and clean how I like. I actually wish it had a hook lift system, then it would be literally perfect for what we use it for. But I also really like the 4300's. They are great trucks and will literally haul as much anything as you put in them. (maybe not legally but they will haul it)

No plans for new trucks, we will probably run these till they die. Our most recent purchase was the Kenworth last year. We had been looking for a while for a tri-axle, but just couldn't justify spending $120,000+ for a new one for our application. The T300 is a 2008 and when we purchased it, it only had 50k miles on it.

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