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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
I have read the entire thread and it seems to me that she was frustrated with you not doing what you said your were going to do and then giving her excuses. It almost sounds like you used this "incident" to get out from under a customer who expects you to keep a schedule and do what you said you would do. Just the way it looks from here from what you've posted about the situation. In any case, what's done is done and you're probably both better off.
So being a couple hours late due to a broken truck is off schedule? It's not. I got that work done and then some in plenty of time. There were many other thing through the year that had nothing to do with scheduling or agreed work. Like when I reseeded her front lawn, then had someone spread weed and feed killing it? Or had my spray guy lined up at the same time? Had someone try to clean up the perenials in the summer? Way ahead of time. I know there's plenty of other crap. If you want to eat crap from people, be my guest.

And yes, I've had customers start this or that which is no big deal. But when they have someone else doing it and not well, I don't want any part of them.
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