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Originally Posted by anthonyp View Post
Tom....thanks for all the pictures and your opinion....I have followed your progress, and particularly the excavator 50...I am considering purchasing one, and saw you now had some complaints on the interior layout....I was wondering if you would share that, and if you were purchasing a like sized machine I there were another brand you thought to be better? Thanks. Tony
I don't like how the arm rests are not easy adjustable, I think the seat and seat suspension system could be better and I dont like the placement of the radio. Overall they are minimal things. If I was to purchase again I'd probably go with the Bobcat again. I think if you took a Cat cab and put it on the bobcat machine it would be nearly perfect. You cant beat a Cat cab in my opinion. But saying that I like where a lot of the switches and buttons are on the bobcat compared to the Cat. So I guess it just comes down to personal preference. As for performance wise, I don't think you can beat the bobcat. I have tried, cat, case, new holland, yanmarr, volvo and komatsu comparatively sized machines. If you follow me on YouTube you have seen what the bobcat can do. Some days the machine still amazes me how much digging and lifting power it has.

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