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I"ll give you a spin then give you an opinion.

Something that I will always ask somebody.....What kind of health history does your family have..

To say the least, the best boss is somebody that stays out of the way of their employees, but is smart enough to get their hands dirty when necessary..

Point i'm making is not everybody takes a company and then can sit behind a desk and run it. Some still work in the field because they have to, but hopefully you do it because you want to.

If there is one regret that i have.......getting my health insurance paid for. Yes i pay my own health insurance and it is one of my biggest personal expenditures that i make. As part of my compensation, I pay myself part of my medical cost, but my family, can't do that. Even going through my states contractor's programs, still gets real steep when having to pay over a 1000 a month for a family of 4 with most of it because of my hypertension.

Really think real hard about this.....
paid vacations.......gone
paid holidays.......gone
retirement benefits.......gone
health care benefits.....gone and a real pia specially if you have pre-existing conditions.
most of all, even with insurance and even through no fault of you, you can loose EVERYTHING because of a natural disaster or an accident.

If I have one regret....should of stayed a cop. At least i would have benefits and not worry whether i will be able to afford the next doctor bill. I wouldn't have to worry about making payroll because in one month I loose multi clients because of deaths and then have 2 major break downs with vehicles.

I guess this is what I get for being in this trade since age 8.
But how many people can you sit down with and have them tell you that they remember when you were your sons age, watching you work trying to pick up a leaf with a rake and basket. I got to do this and proud of my daughter and son who helped me install a micro spray system in the flowerbeds, and install a new sod and sprink system . The client who my family has been working for since 1964 sat down with me and told me what lovely children I have. She also said seing my son step on the roll so I could roll it out and then both my my kids working with the roller afterwards, it reminded her of when I was with my dad. Bless my dad, he's been gone for 4 years, but I turned a business that he started and make a pretty good living off it. Lots of headaches, but what I just said just now, you don't get those kind of true stories unless you make them by working for yourself.
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