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Originally Posted by thomas.creation View Post
.... I'm a High School Shop teacher with 4 years under my belt. ...
Originally Posted by thomas.creation View Post
Thanks, I do enjoy teaching and I do have mechanic skills. I'm master ASE certified and have spent a few years in a shop. Cars are a passion of mine but I'm feeling burned out on both teaching and cars. .....
Four years, and burned out ....?

If this the case, then moving to own your own business in lawn service may be a bad move. To be successful will take some time. Ramp-up time could be a few years.

I think you also mentioned diversity in one other post. Moving from focus to focus in a few years, and being a business owner generally do not go together. In some cases, one can start, grow quickly, then sell, and make a handsome profit. But, this is not the usual case. More typical is the ramp-up, expand, develop more services and widen the customer base. This takes time, and is inconsistent with movement of focus over short time periods.

I see employed people with a desire to move from focus to focus, being diverse in their interests. They move from place to place quickly, and develop a width of skills that serves them very well. Over time, they are very successful because they have shown themselves to adapt to new challenges and do well. In these cases, they have not put themselves at risk, their capital at risk, or settled easily. In many ways, these folks are to be envied. They play loose, make significant contributions, and hold a variety of skills that employers like. Maybe this is you.
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