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Originally Posted by dutch1 View Post
I'll play your game for a change, Slapper.

Judging from the size of the tool as it's placed on two paper towels, using the SWAG Theorem, I'd say it could be used as a U-joint removal tool.

Does that get me in the Lottery for a rack of BBQ ribs.
You got it...

Knew you were laying back....waiting to pounce....
You and RestroRob are the only ones old enough to have ever seen one...
I used it to replace a Ujoint on a 4WD DitchWitch...without removing the shaft..
Saved me half a days labor..

If you had been down here helping me fabricate the doors,linkages,and controls on that competition smoker I've been building...You would be enjoying those RIBS...this very day...
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