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Originally Posted by ArizPestWeed View Post
So , what you really wnat to do is , learn the business from your boss then stab him in the back by starting your own and steal as many accounts from him as you can
. Of course you will quickly deny this as it does not make you look decent .

Am I right ?
Yes Unfortunately You are right. It is real easy to put a knife in your companies back and steal their customers.

Here in Florida Non Compete contracts are not all that enforceable and very expensive to pursue. The little guy can't afford to go after a former employee who steals accounts. But the Big Box guys will go to the ends of the earth to make an example of them.

I have a real set Ideal on What is stealing from the company. If you are driving my truck servicing my accounts and a Potential customer approaches you. That is my customer and not yours to do on Saturday of after hours using my equipment and supplies. However if you are at church or a bar and meet a potential customer, then they are your customer to do side work. However don't use my equipment or supplies because that is stealing.


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