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Some work & play pics. Work first.

I don't have any before pics on this one, it was a ton of leaves.

Woke up on Saturday, right shoulder was in a good amt of pain.(some history, in 2004 I crashed and dislocated it into my back, cracked the humorous, & was knocked out for a few seconds, had problems with it since).
I called my buddies that I was meeting down there (Meadow) and they were on their way and I was questioning it because I was in pain, I could barely lift my phone to my ear but I put my arms into the position where they'd be if I were on the bike and there wasn't too much pain. So off I went.
Definitely worth it! It was 75 & sunny and there had to be 50+ bikes (non organized practice) there so things were pretty crazy on the track in the afternoon. But I even was feeling really weak towards the end of the last few laps I put in because I was dehydrated and only had a gallon of water to drink. I was in some pain Sunday and Monday though, Monday morning I went to an Orthopedic Dr. and I ended up tearing the rotator ligament and upper portion of my bicep. So I've been taking it easy this week and pushing back the final clean ups.

Meadow is for sure one of my top favorite tracks. I can't wait until the Millville Pro Nat'l weekend. My buddy (on the Honda below) & I are going to convoy our Toy Haulers and go down on Tueday afternoon and hang out and ride our bikes down the road on Tues & Wed (waiting for the gates to open at 6pm Wed) to Meadow. Should be a blast, too bad it's not until July!!
Some riding pictures. Unfortunately Samantha (Speed Photography) didn't get any pics from other jumps besides the tunnel step up and first table.

A few of my buddies, both ride A class and make me look slow.
Connor, on his month old 2013 Honda 450.

Laying it flat


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