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I picked up a Honda Commercial HRC 216 mower for all my lawns currently which are smaller lots like you are talking about. Its not cheap, BUT its not as expensive as a newer walk behind either. As long as you mulch or bag. For about 1250 bucks, you will have a hydrostatic walk behind mower with rear wheel drive and a honda engine that should last for a very long time as a homeowner unit. You can buy brand new, so there is no worry about how beat up a used model is, and you get a warranty.

If you want speed, get a 32 or 36 walk behind. If you want it to look REALLY good, keep it mowed with that 21 inch honda, and keep your lines straight. It cuts VERY well with the micro cut system. Ive only had mine for a month or so now, but the cut quality is very good. It will have problems in very tall wet grass, but thats the only downside ive seen so far. Thats my two cents, and good luck with your decision. Oh..and if that exmark metro was for sale in my area, I'd DEFINITLY be taking a look at that one too ( i need a bigger mower to go with my honda...LOL).

Oh, and then there is that new Toro Tuffmaster 30" commercial unit thats coming out. I havent seen it cut yet, but it looks interesting. I think the price is going to be around 1700 bucks, but dont quote me on that. Just another option to muddy the water.
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